Month: April 2018

Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

Pest Elimination in Your Kitchen

Kitchens pose a unique problem for pest control. You don’t want insects there. But bugs are often drawn to that space. You can keep pests out of your kitchen with discipline, common sense and a little professional help.


First, you must understand that there is a distinct difference between exclusion and pest elimination. You must do both to successfully combat pests.

Exclusion happens when you block a route. You seal a crack in the wall or spray pesticide along a baseboard. You’re creating a barrier that pests either can’t get through or don’t want to go through. That stops random pests from entering the space. Additional barrier actions include replacing torn window screens.

Getting rid of the origin point or nest, however, reduces the number of insects trying to get into your home. For this you would use baits that slowly poison the nest. Or have a professional pest control company treat the suspected location. If you have an ant problem, for example, you want to seal as many entry points as possible. But you also want to destroy the nest so that you’re not constantly gluing and spraying everything in your house.


Your kitchen has food and water which bugs want. It’s important to keep the kitchen clean. Take out the garbage regularly. Seal stored foods in airtight containers. If you have an insect problem and leave food out, you’re not helping your situation. More pests will try to come inside. Cleaning up is a basic solution to a basic problem. However, many people don’t seem to realize that they must do it.

As for water, you can’t remove your plumbing and sink, but you can be on the lookout for leaks and puddles. If pests come in on a hot day looking for liquid, you don’t want to provide it.


Pantry moths and fruit flies are two very kitchen-specific pests. To prevent fruit flies from invading, store all food properly and take out the garbage regularly. Also, keep foods that are stored dry, like potatoes, in a place where you’ll see them often. Forgotten bags of potatoes and tomatoes have been responsible for more fruit-fly invasions than you may realize.

Also, wash fruits like bananas before storing them on the counter. That will get rid of any fruit-fly eggs that could soon hatch.

Keep all grains, from rice to cereal to oats, stored in airtight containers. Don’t leave open bags; those are invitations for pantry moths to take up residence. The containers also corral pests that arrive already inside those bags and boxes of grains.

If you really want to keep pests out, have a pest control company perform routine maintenance spraying around your home. You’ll find it a lot easier to live comfortably when you don’t have to worry about pests getting inside.